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While we look forward to serving you, we understand that all legal needs are different and the advice her is general and in no way should be considered as direct counsul nor does it create any client-attorney bound relationship. Please call our offices with your concerns so we can address your individual concerns.
What should I do to protect myself from a divorce?

What should I do to protect myself from a divorce?

Divorce Tips Secure proper legal representation (retain a local attorney who specializes in domestic law). Follow your attorney's advice. Cancel credit cards and terminate joint bank accounts, preserving marital property. Consider temporarily suspending payments to IRA's and 401K's etc. But do not cancel or suspend any insurance coverages of either your spouse or kids. Gather up your financial records, including tax returns, notes, deeds, title certificates, and other legal papers, and deliver them to your attorney so that he may properly utilize discovery procedures. Family hospitalization and therapy teatment records may also become important. Do not involve yourself in domestic disputes. Do not touch, push, hit, or threaten your partner. If you cannot control your temper, take time-outs and stay away from him or her. If the police are called one of you will be hand-cuffed and taken to jail. Cease any alcohol or non-prescription drug use immediately. obtain a restraining order from the County Court if you are in fear of physical violence. Or we can obtain one from the District Court within the dissolution proceeding. Insulate the children from the marital conflict. Do not disparage the other party in front of a child. The damage done is insurmountable and takes years of therapy with which to deal, studies indicate antisocial behaviors in the long term. Advise; and keep advised, your support group and family. Be prepared to move to another residence if necessary. Do not move out of the marital residence unless legally or physically forced to do so. Take your most valuable possessions with you when you leave. Obtain and keep receipts for all support paid towards the children. Checks and money orders, only, no cash payments without signed receipts. Attempt to be civil and do not escalate the issues in your divorce action. Keep a diary of events. We strongly promote Father's Rights and Grandparent's Rights!

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